About Stephan

The best way to describe Stephan is to share the stories from all of you. Please read about Stephan, as he was known to other people.

Stephan's Birthday - Bree James
How can it be that a year has past since your last birthday? A year without you; a year during which you were deeply missed. A year during which I thought of you and missed you every day. My life goes on. I discovered I can live without you - because you are within me, around me and always in my heart ... [read more]

Where Are You Now, Stephan? When You Are Not In My Dreams... - Anonymous
So many times you have come to me in my dreams...like a breeze you feel on your face as it quickly passes by. I reached out to grab your hand & pull you back to us, but as soon as I did, poof! you were gone! Where did you go? Where are you now? ... [read more]

Happy Birthday - Bree James
You were always so funny about your birthday...you weren't the sort of guy who said, "Don't make a fuss," or "Oh, I don't want anything," but the kind of attention and gifts you loved were as unique as you... [read more]

A Real Friend - Kathi Trueblood
I, too check Stephan's web site once or twice a week. I miss Stephan more than I thought I would since I have lived in Kansas for the past 3 years. I am so glad that my daughter (Heather) and I dropped by Neil and Steve's house before driving back to Kansas... [read more]

Missing Stephan - Bree James
Everyday at least once, I check this site for new stories or anything added...it means so much to me that it's here. I sort of feel when I look at each area of the site, I'm visiting Stephan, but then, of course, the hurt is harsh that he's really gone from us. I've been talking to my neighbor... [read more]

The Shirt Off His Back - Stacie Murdaugh
I first knew of Stephan as being a patient in the dental office that I work in. Then I volunteered at Sunol Glen School's Spring Fling and in doing so, got to partake of Stephan's fun personality. I'll always remember how... [read more]

Dueling With Zorro - Debby Willett
Stephan endeared himself to me when he dueled with my son, Galen, in the aisle of Sunol Glen School's auditorium, after one of his performances in "Zorro's Back in Town", 1997.
Galen was 8 years old and for years had loved to dress up as Zorro. We watched Steve performing Zorro, then in keeping with the tradition... [read more]

From Dressing Like a Dog to Rhinestones - Sami Martin
I was about only 10 when i met stephan doyle. I had met him through the SRT and he loved my act as being a dog. After awhile i met his husband Niel Davies who is also as great as Stephan. Since Stephan would get clothes from people for SRT, he got me 2 little dresses that i have still. I remember one i loved so much... [read more]

Love of Children - Dave & Joanie
On the Sunol Christmas Train ride we ran into Steve, sitting slumped in his seat. Upon seeing him we headed his way. I had my granddaughter Taylor with me for her first ever train ride and visit with Santa. Steve spotted us and his eyes lit up saying, “I just asked Santa for a baby and here she is”!... [read more]

Riding on the Handle Bars - Mike Doyle
After leaving Grandma's house in Quincy, I got a ride on the handle bars coming down a steep hill. I fell over the front and it knocked me out. I woke up at my grandfather's house. Steve brought me there. He said my foot got stuck in the spokes, but I think he pushed me off... [read more]

Mello Awards - Connie De Grange
As many cast and crew members of the Sunol Repertory Theater know, Steve Doyle introduced us to the Mello Awards for melodrama excellence. Each year, he would study the attributes of each character, gather costume fabric from Patty Balch, and find Barbies and Trolls and other... [read more]

My First NEW Barbie Doll - Marla
I had just turned 4 yrs old when I met Stephan for the first time. My mom, sister & I spent Christmas Eve with him & Neil and it is one of my fondest childhood memories. That Christmas Stephan gave me my first NEW Barbie doll. I remember Stephan was so fun to play Barbies with... [read more]

A Masked, Caped Man - Nancy Davis
As I was walking beside my first-grade daughter, Kari, during the school's annual Halloween parade led by a CDF fire truck, a black jeep pulled up to the intersection of Kilkare Road and Main Street, coming to an abrupt halt as we approached. A masked, caped man... [read more]

Belize Pass on Miz Brenda's Buns - Solveig Shearer
Walking home from our first dinner in town, Miz Brenda, a Creole woman, approached Steve to offer a sample bag of macaroons and to tout her cooking expertise. While others in the group shyly walked a little faster, Steve engaged Miz Brenda in a long conversation... [read more]

Holiday Memory of Stephan - by his “sistah” Bree James
When I moved from Sunol to Sebastopol in November, 2003, Stephan was my official mover…really, he bid against professional movers, won the job and, of course, offered customer service above and beyond anything one could pay for... [read more]

Bart’s Best Christmas Tree - Patricia Stillman
I recall one Christmas, about 4 years ago when Bart was not well, but still at home, I worried about how I would get my Christmas tree. Bart was not feeling too well and shouldn’t be driving. I had been thinking about this when one evening... [read more]

Annual Wreaths - Lori, Ralph, and Hayley Neilsen
We have been "wreath recipients" for the last several years. The first year, Steve drove up our driveway and commented on that "bare area" on the front of our house. "You know what would be perfect right here?" and pulled out a... [read more]

Our First Ever Christmas Tree
- Simon and Shawn Sung
As shouted to all who passed their cabin at the last turn on Kilkare Road: ... [read more]

A Glow in the Darkness - Solveig and Bill Shearer
2006 had turned into our worst year ever with family illnesses, crises, and deaths. Deadlines at work pushed Christmas preparations aside, and except for Steve’s annual wreath hanging on our gate, Christmas looked like the afterthought it was.
Then came a knock at the door... [read more]

A Christmas Mailbox for Grandma - James Martinez and Judy Betancourt
“Grandma, what would you really, really like for Christmas?” asked James.
“I’d really like to have a Christmas mailbox,” said Judy, “can you do that?”
James knew just what to do... [read more]